Steal Like An Artist

Always ready to take inspiration where I can. Will definitely be checking this blog more often!

Steal Like An Artist

Don’t wait until you know who you are to start making things

Write the book you want to read

Use your hands

Side projects and hobbies are important

The secret: do good work and put it where people can see it

Geography is no longer our master

Be nice. The world is a small town

Be boring. It’s the only way to get work done

Creativity is subtraction

via Steal Like An Artist.


About russellwriter

Rob Russell is a dad, husband, writer, musician, educator, comic book reader, bad solderer, pop culture junky, trivia buff and student of everything cool and uncool. His favorite records are Bob Dylan's Blonde on Blonde and, currently, The Best of Bobbie Gentry: The Capitol Years. His favorite comic books are Kurt Busiek's Astro City and Neil Gaiman's Sandman. His favorite literary novels are Gabrial Garcia Marquez's 100 Years of Solitude and William Faulkner's As I Lay Dying. His favorite genre novels are John Scalzi's Red Shirts, M.R. Carrey's The Girl with All the Gifts, and Dan Simmons' Drood. His favorite movie is Goodfellas. His favorite hobby, besides everything, is writing about himself and his favorite things in the third person.

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  1. Travis Bussell

    Stealing like an artist- great concept, reminds me of one (two actually) of my favorite quotes, which I will proceed to steal now:

    “Nothing is original. Steal from anywhere that resonates with inspiration or fuels your imagination. Devour old films, new films, music, books, paintings, photographs, poems, dreams, random conversations, architecture, bridges, street signs, trees, clouds, bodies of water, light and shadows. Select only things to steal from that speak directly to your soul. If you do this, your work (and theft) will be authentic. Authenticity is invaluable; originality is non-existent. And don’t bother concealing your thievery– celebrate it if you feel like it. In any case, always remember what Jean-Luc Godard said: ‘It’s not where you take things from– it’s where you take them to.'”

    -Jim Jarmusch

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