My Dutch is Showing!

Yes, I am a Dutch-American. 25%, as a matter of fact. My “Pa” –hilariously persnickety old curmudgeon that he was (god bless him — someday I’ll write an essay about Pa … someday!) was a Slabbekorn, which was Americanized from, uh, Slabbekoorn [that extra ‘o’ was really hanging some $hit up at Ellis Island, I suppose?].

This fact might be just enough to encourage me to watch the World Cup Final on Sunday. Maybe. It could be that my brother and I (Andy, but maybe he should go by Andreas on Sunday?) will get us some wooden shoes, raise high a Grolsch or Heineken … and then he can explain to me what’s going on for the next three hours or so.

Go Oranj!

The two sides share a desperation to win what would be their first-ever World Cup. “We are so close to writing history,” said Dirk Kuyt. “This is the third time we have reached the final. Now we have to win it. We felt before the tournament we had the quality in the team to win it. We are so close. There is nothing bigger than the World Cup.” Spains Gerard Piqué says: “Its a great chance for us to make history and win the World Cup. Other squads have the experience of winning the World Cup in the past, but it is our dream.”

via World Cup 2010: Holland v Spain | Football | The Guardian.


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